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Fitness is a cluttered world as far as what types of workouts should you do, what type of meal plan should you follow, what type of clothes should you wear? Should you workout at home or at the gym? What does TDEE mean? What does a calorie deficit and surplus mean? Fitness has so many questions and so many different answers that it's hard to follow and many people looking for these answers get so confused, they just give up and go back to square one. Ace-1 Warrior and it's NASM CPT CEO "Mo" aka "datboymo629" recognize this issue and created Ace-1 Warrior because he himself went through these same issues. He wants to give you the information that you have questions to with this platform and even coined the term "Fit-Educated" so you can be just that. Look around the website and get familiar with what he has to offer in regards to videos, blogs, exercises, his podcast and also info-graphics that help answer what some of your questions involve.

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