Obesity rate in America is deadly.

As a Certified Personal Trainer one of my goals is to help people get out of the "Fat Tax" arena. One of the main stigmas about obese people not working out in the gym is the idea of being made fun of and also being out of place when working out in the gym or even taking classes. The world is full of fat shamers and also people that love to just slander overweight individuals with the mindset that if they get made fun of then that they will decide to lose weight and get fit.

It doesn't work that way

What these so-called fitness gurus do not realize is that if you berate someone, it'll further put them in a state of depression, lower their already low self esteem and push them backwards instead of forward.

The idea of "Ass-holes" in fitness is growing daily and if you watch YouTube and even follow a lot of Social Media outlets, obesity is shamed more so than understood. Just look at the title of my blog here. It's stating the obvious fact that a vast majority of obese people already know. They know that being obese is deadly. They know that it causes diabetes, strokes, heart disease, increased risks of diseases that come along with it, so why do the obese, stay obese?


What I mean by education is, fitness and nutritional education. We as people, not just Americans, but people are built off of habit and if something disrupts that habit then we are prone to reject that disruption and go back to our old habits. If "Joe" decides that he loves to eat 5 meals a day, and satisfies his cravings in those 5 meals and it brings him satisfaction then Joe will continue eating those 5 meals.


Joe's 5 meals can equate to 700 calories per meal equating to 3500 calories per day. 3500 calories equate to 1 pound. 1 pound per day per week equates to 7 pounds a week. This is insane to me and maybe to you but to Joe, this is a normal day. This leads to obesity in America.


I love to travel and when I do I EAT GOOD. This is the time that I take to eat the popular foods in the cities I go to and I still track my meals, they usually go over 3000 calories PER DAY. We as Americans love FOOD. I follow more food pages on Instagram than fitness pages, but I digress. This is just me on vacation and not my normal days where I track my calories, meals, and macros so I stay within my preferred weight. But as Americans love FOOD we are getting fat because it's not in moderation. We eat in excess daily, which leads to obesity. The excess in eating is the lack of education in which I mentioned above so lets go back to that.


This can seem like a chore for many to learn, but in reality, it's blown out of context. Simple changes to diets can lead to weight loss for many Americans. Substituting foods is a big step in losing weight and lowering the obesity percentage in the US. The main misconception is that people believe that you have to eat lettuce, salads and chicken to lose weight. Although this method is ideal, it's not sustainable and not required. The same goes with fitness. People believe you have to be in the gym for hours on end like Arnold and Lou in order to lose weight or gain muscle. This is also not true. I always say intensity over time will always win in the gym. A person can be in the gym for 2 hours, talk for 45 minutes of that 2 hours, take 3 minute breaks in between sets and not make as many gains as the person who do not talk for 45 minutes, takes 30 seconds to 1 minute breaks in between sets and also give 75-90% intensity to their 1 hour workout. I always smirk a those people who make NO PROGRESS but is in the gym for that long while I get there after them and leave before them and I look better than them. It's not because I am better, it's because I'm Fit-Educated. You can be also.


As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer my first and foremost goal is to educate and help everyone feel comfortable getting in to this fitness world. This goes from my GRAB or PASS videos on YouTube, to my explainer videos and also my science based content on my Instagram and YouTube channel. Understanding and getting educated on weight loss, fitness, working out, and health is the first step to tackling being overweight and obesity in America. As you can see, I have a no obligation form that you can fill out to determine what level of fitness you're at, what type of workouts you need to do, and also your macro count. (Click here for macro explanation). Health and Nutrition is the key to reversing the deadly epidemic of obesity in America. We together can fight it. No matter what you do, just remember to...


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